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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:14 pm    Post subject: The Shark Full Movie Download In Hindi

The Shark Full Movie Download In Hindi

Marine biologist Steven Miller investigates a string of animal attacks near the waters of Laughlin, Nevada. The local sheriff blames cougars, but Miller knows it's something much bigger - and whiter. Based on the 1916 Jersey Shore attacks.
What a waste of time! Picking your nose while looking at your wallpaper for 90 minutes is more fun. MUCH more fun! The dialogs are just awful, the German synchronization makes it no better (some of the speaker shouldn't be allowed to talk in front of a mic (or at all)). I've never seen such a lame movie, not even a b-movie. God, I've seen movies made with NO BUDGET AT ALL that are much better. The story could be told in three sentences, but it's not worth the effort. The special effect (not effects, just one) could've been done better by a 9 year old using photoshop and the performance of the actors would be embarrassing even for bad lay-actors. AND it's not even funny.

There is not one positive thing to say about this movie. Nothing, nada, nichts!

To make a worse movie than this would be really challenging.

Conclusion: This movie is SO bad, it probably makes a good torture device.

Sorry if you think I'm ranting, but I'm only being honest. Take my advice: Don't waste your time with this movie, it's a miracle someone published it on DVD.


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